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180 Caroline Chisholm Drive,
Winston Hills, NSW 2153


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Winston Hills Mall is a friendly and community minded centre with Big W, Woolworths, Coles, ALDI and over 65 specialty shops. There are over 1,200 undercover car parking spaces with easy access to the one level shopping mall. Winston Hills Mall caters for your everyday shopping needs in providing a varied mix of specialty stores.

RH Store Rules?


Staying within your lease lines

It is not permitted to place any merchandise; display stands or signs outside the lease line of your premises. This blocks pedestrian traffic flow to your store, jeopardises yours and the centres insurance arrangements, reduces the effect of professional shopfront merchandising, and effects pedestrian access to your neighbours. Shopfront/window displays are the most effective way to get customers into your store, where you then have an opportunity to create add-on sales.

Handbills - Soliciting Business

Soliciting of business by retailers or any other person is strictly forbidden. Flyers may not be distributed in or around the building at any time. Flyers end up as litter in the mall, which is not a professional way to advertise your store.

Public Address Promotions

The use of amplified public address announcements for promotional purposes (i.e. spruiking) is strictly forbidden, unless approved by the Marketing Manager. Approval will only be given to persons who are qualified in the use of PA – i.e. professional spruikers. 

Such approval will be accompanied by strict limits on noise levels, and time limits will apply. Any spruiking activities need to be booked in advance to Marketing Manager on 9838 7822.


Whilst background music within your store contributes to your sales environment, this must not be to the detriment of your neighbours. Winston Hills Mall itself has an extensive background music system throughout the mall.

Please do not have the volume of your own system so loud as to be heard outside your store. This is a requirement of your lease.

Flashing / Strobe Lights

Flashing or strobe lights are not to be used within your store.  These lights detract from the ambience of the Centre and are distracting to customers and other retailers.  They can also cause severe health problems for certain individuals, who could be present in the centre.