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Winston Hills Mall is a friendly and community minded centre with Big W, Woolworths, Coles, ALDI and over 65 specialty shops. There are over 1,200 undercover car parking spaces with easy access to the one level shopping mall. Winston Hills Mall caters for your everyday shopping needs in providing a varied mix of specialty stores.

RH Waste Disposal Services


Rubbish Removal Bins

Rubbish Removal Bins are provided in each Loading Dock. These comprise of general waste compactors, cardboard compactor, and open bins. The common area litter bins are provided for the convenience of our customers. Do not place your stores rubbish in the mall litter bins.

Please do not sweep shop dust or litter into the mall area.  This increases your costs and the presentation of the common area is as important as your store. It also poses risks and trip hazards to our shoppers.

Remember: It is your responsibility to ensure that ALL rubbish from your premises is deposited in the correct area or bin, provided in the centre’s loading docks. All staff should be instructed in the correct disposal procedures. Should you have any difficulty in disposing of your rubbish please contact Centre Management.


Paper & Cardboard Disposal

All cardboard cartons should be broken down, flattened and taken to Loading Dock 3 Cardboard & Paper Compactor. Please do not leave items of rubbish on the ground surrounding the bin. Please compact your waste by turning the compactor on, as per the operating procedure on the compactor door.

Grease Disposal

Do not empty fats or solids into the drainage lines.  Blockages will occur in the lines before they reach the common waste junction.  These can be costly to you and can be disruptive to your trade while corrective works are undertaken.

It is a government requirement that used cooking fats and solid wastes are not disposed of in sinks or floor wastes and should be stored in sealed drums. When taking these drums to the disposal area on loading dock No. 5, ensure that no grease or fat is spilled on the floor. 

Food shops are to ensure all cooking oils, fats and wastes to the disposal area in Dock 5. Any spills should be cleaned up immediately.  If the spill is large, please advise Centre Management immediately so that precautions can be put into place to avoid possible slips and falls whilst cleaning is in progress.