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Centre Management Office

Ph: 02 9838 7822
Fax: 02 9624 7517

180 Caroline Chisholm Drive,
Winston Hills, NSW 2153


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Winston Hills Mall is a friendly and community minded centre with Big W, Woolworths, Coles, ALDI and over 65 specialty shops. There are over 1,200 undercover car parking spaces with easy access to the one level shopping mall. Winston Hills Mall caters for your everyday shopping needs in providing a varied mix of specialty stores.

RH Repairs & Maintenance


Winston Hills Mall Centre Management follow a rigorous, planned, preventive maintenance programme.  Building maintenance standards are constantly monitored. All Managers, Staff & Contractors are to abide by the WHS Act 2011. Should you or any member of your staff note any common area maintenance faults such as: Travelator problems; Light globes blown; Drink spills, etc, Please contact Centre Management as soon as possible on 9838 7822.

The maintenance of the common areas throughout the Centre, including the air conditioning, is the responsibility of Centre Management. You are responsible for all maintenance associated with your store. This includes lighting (lamps and light fittings), flooring, fixtures and fittings, pest control, shop front signage, roller shutters and supplementary air conditioning units installed by retailers. If a maintenance issue of an emergency nature does occur, please contact Centre Management for assistance or advice.

Repairs in your Premises

Please effect maintenance repairs, light globe replacements, etc to your premises, as soon as they become necessary. 

  • "Merchandising" should always include maintenance of your premises.

  • Windows and shopfronts should be cleaned on a regular basis and are your responsibility. 

Whilst all maintenance works within the premises are your responsibility, we can be of assistance in providing you with preferred contractors numbers. If you are unsure or need assistance, please contact our Operations Manager.

Air Conditioning within the Centre

The Centre’s air conditioning system is automatically switched on and off each day and is self–adjusting to maintain comfortable conditions for retailers and customers alike. Report any major temperature fluctuations to Centre Management. If the problem cannot be managed in-house, Centre Management will pass it on to the Centre’s service contractor.

If retailers have installed additional supplementary air conditioning units, please ensure the units are properly maintained by qualified service providers and you are able to provide evidence of regular services. Retailers are required to carry out regular housekeeping to clear air diffusers and return air grills free of dust.

Things to Note

It is important to note that shop maintenance is the responsibility of the retailer within their own premises.  Our Operations Team are happy to provide preferred trade contacts to tenants who need work completed independently. 

You are responsible for ensuring that your contractors have the following, prior to any work being undertaken:

  • Any tenant contractors must hold $20m public liability insurance and hold relevant licenses for the work being completed

  • All electrical tools must be tested and tagged.

  • Any work being completed needs to be reported to prior to commencement.