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Winston Hills Mall is a friendly and community minded centre with Big W, Woolworths, Coles, ALDI and over 65 specialty shops. There are over 1,200 undercover car parking spaces with easy access to the one level shopping mall. Winston Hills Mall caters for your everyday shopping needs in providing a varied mix of specialty stores.

RH Fire Procedures


Winston Hills Mall is protected by smoke detection systems, automatic sprinkler systems and hose reels and fire extinguishers. In the event of a fire within the mall, local alarms sound and the fire brigade will automatically attend the Centre. The Centre evacuation/safety team are alerted for further action. Regular fire evacuation drills are carried out with a full practice evacuation conducted once per year.

Please familiarise yourself with the Centre’s evacuation procedure provided and ensure that your staff have a complete understanding of Fire Safety procedures and the Evacuation Plan.  If you require any clarification or further information, please contact the Centre’s Operations Manager. Note: From time to time Centre Management and our insurance advisers may wish to inspect the fire protection and ease of egress in your premises to ensure compliance with the authorities’ requirements.

Doing your bit

You are to assist in the minimisation of risk through the following measures:

  • Check your store for fire hazards•

  • Dispose of combustible materials immediately•

  • Do not store any goods adjacent to sprinklers, fire exits or passageways•

  • Ensure all staff are aware of fire emergency procedures, including the location of extinguishers•

  • Ensure your tenancy meets its essential safety measures and maintenance requirements as set out in your Building Permit and/or Final Inspection (issued by the building surveyor) and that the required maintenance is undertaken and documented records kept•

  • It is a legal requirement that your nominated staff member(s) attend Fire Warden training, and all staff participate in Emergency Drills.

Fire Exits

The fire stairs are for emergency exit only. Please do not use as a thoroughfare. All doors are alarmed.

Note: Security will investigate each alarm activation. Do not place trolleys, merchandise or rubbish in fire exits. It is ESSENTIAL that all staff know the location of fire exits. Do not block access to fire stairs nor store goods in emergency exits. Ensure staff are aware and attend any Fire Training & Evacuation exercise. Remember that you have a duty under WHS to ensure your staff are aware of safety and training procedures.

Fire Hydrants & Hose Reels

These are located throughout the building.  Make your staff aware of the location of the closest hose reel and hydrants. You have been provided with this information.

Fire Sprinklers

These are installed in your ceiling and in the false ceiling space. The heat, generated by a fire, activates them. The heat explodes a glass bulb, which activates the sprinkler and once the sprinkler system is activated, the Fire Brigade are the only people who can shut down the system.

  • NEVER store boxes/stock close to the sprinkler head. This impedes water flow.

  • Leave a clear distance of at least ½ metre from each sprinkler head.  The sprinkler layout needs to be reviewed when you are planning any alterations, shelving etc.

  • Do not allow anything to come into contact with the sprinkler head. By design, the glass bulb is extremely fragile.  If the glass bulb is accidentally fractured the sprinkler will activate possibly flooding your premises and damaging stock.

When a sprinkler activates, the building’s emergency services activate also. The air-conditioning shuts down, the Fire Brigade attend and fire stair pressurisation fans and smoke spill fans are activated. Never tamper with a fire sprinkler, and never hang anything from the sprinkler head.

In Case of Fire

1.        Shout    FIRE, FIRE, FIRE!,    Let people know about it.
2.       Ensure someone alerts the Centre Management Office immediately.
3.       If instructed to leave the Centre by a fire warden, fire officer or a police officer, leave the premises immediately for your safety, and as a Fire Authority Regulation.

Remember: Stock, fixtures and fittings are unimportant in the case of fire. They can be replaced. People cannot.


Building Alarms

Ring         ‘Ring       ‘Ring = FIRE ALARM BELL

The FIRE ALARM BELL is mounted outside the building to guide the Fire Brigade to the Fire Indicator Panel or Fire Control Room.

Beep’         ‘Beep’      ‘Beep’ = Alert Alarm

The ALERT ALARM is operated from the Master Emergency Control Panel.  It is designed to alert in a specific area, or throughout the building, of a possible emergency. 

On hearing the ALERT ALARM stand by and listen for instructions over the P.A. Do not panic or cause panic amongst our shoppers.

Whoop’      ‘Whoop’      ‘Whoop’ = Evacuation Alarm

The EVACUATION ALARM is designed to notify all occupants on a specific floor, or throughout the building, that an evacuation is necessary.

The EVACUATION ALARM usually follows the Alert Alarm, however it may be operated without the Alert preceding it, where an immediate evacuation is ordered.

NOTE:  On hearing the Evacuation Alarm, all occupants should assemble at the nearest Fire Exit and evacuate the Centre.